Does this guy like me?

ok so i have this guy friend (let's call him jay) and me and him keep in touch with our love life often. I got dumped and jay asked me if I still like my ex and I said "definitely not" and he asked if I'm interested in anyone rn. k is he hinting something to me, or finding info for his buddy? I recently felt like his friend (let's call him brad) is crushing on me but I don't know but my mom thought jay liked me too but she wasn't sure so I'm like rlly confused so like duz jay like me or brad? or neither?


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  • Why does your mom think he likes you? He might like you and he too shy to ask because he doesn't want things to get weird.

    plus, if his friend is crushing on you, i would think he would've tried to hook you up already

  • omg it's should not be that comlicated! just go and ask him