Guys, If a friend of your man's makes a move on you and you shut it down, should you tell him about it?

Okay so this friend of my boyfriend's who he works with, and who lives in the basement apartment of my boyfriend's house, had been acting oddly friendly towards me. He has a girlfriend he always fights with and she has a baby from some other dude. Anyways, this morning he texted me saying he thinks I'm beautiful, and would love to bang me and no one would have to know. I told him of course not because I love my boyfriend and it's not just about him, I also love my boyfriend's son and care about them and would never hurt them and I have eyes for no one but my man.
He told me he'd never say anything again and not to tell my boyfriend. He didn't want drama or a fight. Should I tell my boyfriend?
To be honest, some of what he said was kinda creepy, like talking about how he hears me and my man get it on and that the tempo sounded off and that he knows I'm a freak in bed so he had to ask.


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  • If you don't say anything this will continue.

    • Okay I saved the messages to show him and I decided not to even mention it until I see him in person. Thank you for the advice I wasn't sure what to do because I didn't want to cause a big scene but at the same time I don't want to let the guy get away with trying to pull one over on his "friend"

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    • Thanks, you were right! He got a little sketch but luckily my boyfriend was very cautious about my safety and made sure I was never alone around him. He ended up getting busted for drugs and whatnot too. Crazy deal but he moved out and left.

    • Happy to hear 😊 Thanks for MHO

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  • You should def tell him. If something happens it is important he knows. Hell its important anyway. if he finds out down the road he will feel betrayed.

    • Okay yeah I just didn't know if it would make a big dramatic deal but I love my boyfriend and don't want anything stupid between us. Maybe too just in case this guy tries something else or is trying to get between us...

    • Ya full honesty is the way to go. No chance at anything coming back to you when you haven't done anything wrong.