What does it mean if a girl texts you when she is with her friends?

I have been talking to this girl for awhile, and the other night we were texting (she initiated). I was with some friends watching football and when i asked what she was doing she said she was hanging out watching tv with her friends. The convo continued for awhile with a little flirting and so on... Anyways, does the fact that she texted me when she was with her friends mean anything? Was she thinking about me while hanging out with her friends and wanted to talk? Just trying to see if this has any significance. Thanks!


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  • I'd say she's really into you. Usually when people are with friends they are too preoccupied to think about texting someone. It shows a keen interest in you. Plus , you initiated texting first when you were with friends, so I guess that's evidence she's on your mind a great deal.

    If a guy thought about texting me while he was with friends, I'd appreciate it a lot. It's nice getting a message out of the blue , because it's good to know someone thinks about you and you're on their mind 😊


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