Guys, how do you feel when a girl takes care of you?

I had a thing with this guy and I was pretty in love with him.. I had it bad.
I would play doctor (give him medicine if he needed it, helped him with his knee brace, put ointment on the rash he couldn't reach, etc)
Make food for him, even if it was just a sandwich or actual food.
If he left clothes at my house I washed them and folded them. He didn't ask me to do any of these things but I did and I loved doing it even though usually with people I'm like "get off your ass and do it yourself!" (Unless it is my mother, lol)

Would you actually like this or would you just be glad you didn't have to do it?


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  • Nurses !!! the world needs more.

    • ^ This guy knows what he's talking about , good on you for being a good nurse anon. Wish I had a nurse. . .

    • I couldn't ever be a nurse lol

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