Guys and girls... What exactly is a "connection" for you and is it possible for one to feel it when the other does not?

I had a great date with a guy yesterday, but long story short, he was completely shut off today. I asked if he would be interested in seeing me again an he said he had fun, but didn't feel a connection. All I can think is that he wasn't attracted to me. Despite the good kiss and flirting later. I mean, really? What's the point of blowing smoke up my ass? Why couldn't he just be real like he claimed to be? Never disregard your gut instincts.


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  • sounds like he was real with you. if you're gonna go out on a date, you make the best of it. Ending the date immediately the second you're turned off, defeats the purpose of a date. You have x amount of time to find something about them which warrants a 2nd date. If he initially found you unattractive, possibly how you kiss or flirt would negate that. Apparently it didn't. =(

    I wouldn't emotionally invest yourself much into anyone until they show you consistency.

    • Was a long kiss, but he seemed into it. Said I was a great kisser before he even got home. Said it made him "frisky..." I guess I was just shocked that I thought it was 2nd date worthy and apparently he didn't. We were snowboarding all day, so I wasn't at my most attractive... still, he seemed into me. I don't get it.

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    • I'm more grateful that it was only one date. It got me down, and it'll take me a few days to recover, I'm sure.. just sucks. I wanted to get to know him better.

    • perhaps scaling down your first date to something not so involved might help.

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  • I want to ask this question as well. How do you know if the other person is feeling a "connection"? Most people will say "You just feel it" but it's only you who feels it. You don't know how the other person feels.

  • Wow, that guy suuuuucks! Oh well his loss.

  • Amen. Never disregard your gut instinct.

    • As for what a connection is for me, uhm I'm not sure. There are lots of different types of connections to have, you have different connections with each person you meet and some people you feel nothing while the other blows your world up and some people are just great to hang out as friends.

  • Probably just wanted to... You know...


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