Do guys respect women they ask to be fwb?

This guy and I have been friends for a couple months and have an awesome friendship... Neither of us are looking for a relationship right now - the other day he casually brought it up saying if a friend wanted friends with benefits he'd see how that worked out but if they only want friends to hang out with he's good with that to and asked if I knew what he meant... I said I like our friendship as is and a friends with benefits situation will never end well... Then he said we'll see what happens if it happens... Do guys not respect girls they ask? Or do you ask respectable girls too because you just want them physically, nothing to do with your respect level?


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  • I think it depends on the guy. There are creeps everywhere, and some just want sex, like your looks, and seem sexually frustrated. As a woman you probably get these more often than I do... You can be sure that those don't respect you xD

    I honestly would feel a bit disrespected 'we will see what happens if it happens'
    that'd piss me off ;o

    • If it happened to be one of your best guy friends though? And you're both like "yeah fk it let's do it"
      As best friend, there will be that respect, no? :o

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