I've been a bad girlfriend. I'm afraid he doesn't love me anymore?

I've been in a relationship with this guy since 1 year 5 months. Around 7 years earlier we were in a relationship for 6 months. He says he loves me since 7-8 years. I've been a really bad girlfriend - I was really dominating, blamed him and over hyped his little mistakes. I left him in every fight and won't come back till he begged literally. When he used to cry - I called him a girl and a sympathy seeker. I regret it. Everybody tells him he doesn't deserve me because he is below average in looks while I'm considered pretty. With me comparing him with my ex and everybody proposing me he's got really insecure. People have made it sit in his mind that he's too lucky and he doesn't deserve me and I'm sad because of him. Now naturally things have gone really bad. He doesn't express his feelings ( which is understandable since I hurt him a lot), He genuinely believes I should break up because I'll be happy without him. Yesterday he was drunk and he called me and after a long time started crying and told me how much he loves me and that my happiness is all he wants - he can't stay without me but doesn't want me to stay with him because I'm not happy. He told me he doesn't call often so that I eventually break up but then he'll probably die without me. When he's sober he treats me well but doesn't express himself. I'm addicted to him. I can't break up he says he loves me a lot and we're giving this relationship another try from today. How do I sort things now? How do I get him see that I've changed for good and get him express himself?


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  • You both sound messed up. Your friends too.