Scared guy away - very weird - pls help how can I fix it?

I met this guy in September and we instantly had this tension somehow. He contacted me and we wrote text messages for quite a while until he asked me to hang out. We did it was great and we kept in contact further. After a while I started to feel comfortable being around him and talking to him wasn't awkward at all. I just wrote him when I was in the mood for it and asked him to hang out. After I stopped being defensive, he didn't seem to be that interested anymore. We actually kept it on a friendlike basis, not that we said that but it felt like it and it was ok. We met a second time in November.
I have been quite emotionally unstable at that time though. I lost my best friend cuz she fuc*ed with a boy I was in love with so I was really down and not myself.
I just needed some distraction so I offered him to become friends with benefits. He refused though cuz he said he doesn't think those things work out and he didn't think it was a good idea.
I took it quite personally though and asked what's weong with me. He said i shouldn't take things that personally.
After a few days I said that I feel bad bc I normally don't do things like that and i didn't want such a tension between us. That I didn't want to break up the contact and that I'm out of myself at the moment.
He didn't answer, so i sent him a couple of text messages... Unfortunately... I was really weird and he never answered until once he told to leave it alone.
We didn't talk for over a month, then I wished him merry Christmas we wrote a couple of texts and one day I told him that I'm so embarrassed for what happened and that I'm really not that weird normally and that I hope we could just forget it. He didn't reply but read it.
so we didn't talk since then and i really dont know how to fix this bc i've been sich a jeark and psycho i'm so embarrassed. But i really like him. So pls help me - how can i get things back to normal?


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  • Mmmm let all calm down, wait 1to 3 months, talk him again and offer a date JUST LIKE FRIENDS, then give him some signals BUT DON'T BE SO DIRECT


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