Is he into me or is this just one of those things?

OK so I met this guy many years ago and I could say he's a friend but I have a soft spot for him always have. He is one of those that can get a girl with just a click of his finger and believe me he's had many girls told me things he's gotten up to and he doesn't hide anything from me. We went through this phase where he would tell me he wanted me to be his girl but then we wouldn't talk cause he thought I wasn't serious all this while he was with other girls. Although I know very well that he told the girls he just wanted a fling (he's honest like that) and I admit I wasn't sure cause him being with so many girls put me off.

We had a fight a few months ago and didn't speak but now he's back telling me he wants to be with me and he misses me . He said the reason he stopped talking to me is that he was scared I would hurt him cause I was so inconsistent in his own words "he wears his heart on his sleeves and doesn't want to be taken for a mug"

I am confused and scared he will hurt me if I decide to take things to the next level. But I feel like throwing caution to the wind and letting this happen. Do you think I should?

Guys any opinions?


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  • He does sound like a player to be honest with you. When you say you talk to him do you mean in person or online? Sorry that might sound irrelevant but there's a big difference between him having time to think of all these "smooth lines" sitting in front of a computer and him actually saying it to your face.

    My opinion is that, I don't think you will be satisfied until you give it a go.. throwing caution to the wind as you said. You may get hurt however how will you know if you don't go for it?

    • We did used to talk in person but now it's more a phone and online thing ever since he moved away.

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    • I speak from experience when I say that long distance is really hard.. And this is just my opinion but if this guy gets lots of girls I don't know whether he would cope with a long distance commitment of not having you right there with him, would he be able to fight the temptation of playing other girls with out you knowing?

    • Yeah I know, and funny enough I have a feeling this might not end well but I just need to get him out of my system. He's never actually cheated before just never had a long term relationship, so the question is not would he cheat? but rather will it last?