Guys, you say you wouldn't mind if a girl approached you first. But if for some reason you reject her, do you feel bad at all?

Like say you rejected her because of her appearance. Would you let her down easy since she was brave enough to even approach you?


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  • Ofcourse! Any guy with a little bit of empathy would. I would be as kind as possible. I don't want to make people sad

    • You seem so sweet. I've witnessed this at school before where a girl approached this guy and he turned around and said to his friends "This B actually thinks she has a chance." I felt so bad for her

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    • How about you message a few of your female GAG followers? Maybe most of them want to talk to you but feel as if you've rejected them somehow ;-) Give it a go

    • Thanks for the MHO! :)

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  • id let her down easy unless she got wrong with me lol