Girls, would you date someone that looks a LOT younger than you, even if they weren't?

I understand personality and connection can mean a great deal, but soley based on physical attraction, would you date a guy that looked a lot younger than you? Like 5+ years difference? I'm 25, but I have such a soft face and I'm not really tall so I literally look like a 16 year old. I had a 19 year old girl shoot me down before because she thought I was a kid.

Please don't spare my feelings. I'm actually quite confident in myself so I can take it. I'd really just like some honest opinions, not opinions that try to make me feel better because I still do okay with the ladies at times.

Remember, this is based soley on physical attraction.

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  • It would feel a little strange, but I'd be okay.
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  • It would be too strange for me.
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  • Sorry, I don't date kids! :P
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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think so, because I already look younger than my age apparently so I really don't want to be dating someone who could look like my younger brother.

    • LMAO, that's exactly what that 19 year old girl said. She said I reminded her of her younger brother. :P

  • Does he at least look of legal age? If he looks 20+, then yeah.

    • No, like 16-17, max. :/

  • I'm okay with an age difference, but it depends on how old I am.

    I'm 22, so 5 years younger than me is 17. No way am I dating a minor.
    Even when I'm 25, I don't want to date a 20 year old who can't go out for a drink with me.
    When I'm 30, maybe I'll date a 25 year old, but it depends on where we are in our lives (if I'm secure in my career and looking to settle down, but he's in grad school or a recent graduate and still moving around/not ready to settle, then the relationship won't work. But if we're both settled in our jobs, or we both want to travel and try new things before settling, then I'm fine with the age difference).

    And I'm fine with the baby face, but only if I know for sure what his age is. If I'm at a party, I'm not going to pursue someone who looks like a teenager. Just like you said the 19 year old rejected you because you looked younger. For me, it's not about the attraction, but the fact that your baby face makes me think you are a minor.
    But if I knew for sure that you were 25, like if we graduated together or a friend introduced us, then I'm fine with you having a baby face.

    • Ah, okay. Cool. Thanks.