Did he really just say that?!?

OK the guy I was talking to for 3 months, just stopped all communication 2 weeks ago and then valentine's day night he writes me: hey long time no talk.

WTF I was talking to him he just wasn't responding. I didn't write him back yet cause I honestly don't know what to say. My sister said I should cuss him out lol. But I still like him, I just know I will never date him now if that's how he's going to treat me.

So my questions are what do you think he wants? What do you think I should say? Why would he do something like that? And what's your opinion on the situation?


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  • Text him and be like"who is this" and then he'll say WTF it's blah blah..an ull be like oh shoot sorry new phone and I didn't realize you still wanted to talk...he'll probably say what are you talking about Nd you cam say well I texted you a bunch of times and didn't get anything back I figured you were too busy for me or changed ur number so I said whatever..I dunno, you know how to push his buttons..seems like he wanted tocatch up maybe-not sure why he'd ignore your text? Maybe he was with another girl? Does it really matter? Anyways let it go and not phase you and if you talk to him make it seem like nothing actually phased you or made you think "WTF?" even tho it did...don't over analyize things either, take it slow and don't hurt yourself - you may want to ask what he's been up to since you talked, make it seem like uve kept busy and stuff..I dunnnno I'm just rambling lol good luck

    • Keep me updated! and message me if you need any more help!!

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    • How did you respond?

    • I was like are you serious? I was texting you but you never responded so I just figured you didn't want to talk anymore. And if you were wondering how come you didn't ask me? The phone works both ways. And to add insult to injury when you did decide to text me it's on valentine's day, like we haven't talked in like a month.

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