How to just say scew feelings?

If you didn't know
I'm single not as a pringle
But ok let me be serious 😂 never dated no boyfriend yeah
But because of that it's sometimes easy for me to catch feelings for a guy. I ussually don't express the feelings straight away but yeah they get caught
So I just wanna stop that. Stop catching feeling for guys and having crushes but I don't know how to do that 😂😂


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  • Wow this is so me xD LOL! But then I realized why this is. Do you know why?

    I'll tell you...


    • Can I just like stop those stupid catching deeming hormones 😂

    • The problem is you can't :l But you can manipulate your brain into thinking that all men are potatoes.

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  • My personal feelings on this is that the vast majority of people develop feelings for another or others throughout their life. Is it such a bad thing, why do the vast majority of us do it. I answered a question earlier about love and maybe avoiding heartbreak.
    I had a think about it logically why do so many of us chase it, lose it, come back for more. Is it because the rewards are so great that they outweigh any possible pitfalls like heartbreak and the alternative idea of loneliness is something you wish to avoid.
    Okay there will be a small number of people happy to remain single but I think the greater number of us will continue to chase the dream.
    You are not alone, you are a member of the biggest club in the world that believe in love, who knows there is a good chance it will work out for you one day so why not let the feelings in now and again.

  • You can't do that, those things are beyond our control. What you can do is deciding if those feelings and crushes are worth it or not. Then you make de decision about what you're gonna do.

    • But I don't want that xD I legit want to be as emotionless as a piece of rock to crushes. As in i don't want them

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    • Nahhhh not worth it

    • Well, good luck then, you're gonna need it xD

  • It's hard for me to relate because I don't get infatuated with someone.

    And that's putting it politely.

    Just do what I do...

    • I feel 0 for people outside of an objective manner.

    • Don't get me wrong, I have empathy, I feel everything, it just slides right on by as reason begins and supersedes such feelings, so I can have emotionally charged reasoning, but I never lose my train of thought, and I don't have room for relationships, so I discard such things, it's natural for me.

  • What kinda guys?


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    I do mess around but I don't know what real relationships are and for the same thing I crush pretty quick. When you know how to stop, please tell me haha

  • I just watch romantic tv and get it out of my system!

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