Weekend (First date)

So me and this guy have been talking and he asked me to go to the beach for the memorial day weekend as a first date. Do you guys think this appropriate? He said separate beds in everything. Or do you think he is just trying to have sex with me.

Side note: From what it seems so far, he seems like a sweet gentlemen who wouldn't try anything like that.


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  • Sweet gentlemen like sex too.

    I think that is a little too much quality time a little too fast unless you are planning on having sex (which is fine). If you aren't going to entertain the thought of having sex, it is likely best to give the weekend a pass.


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  • Umm, every guy has played the 'sweet gentleman' card at some point or another.

    he's not just openly going to reveal his true (and maybe indecent) intentions before the first date.

    I would suggest you wait till after memorial day, or even before, and go on a REAL date, not a vacation.

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