How to get a second chance with my ex girlfriend?

My ex and I started out as good friends before we began dating 3 months ago. We first met 7 months ago after I flew from Florida to Indiana. I'm in my early 20's and she's in her early 30's. She moved out a week ago and forgot a couple of boxes of belongs. What led to us breaking up was I made the mistake of lying and ignoring her due to me being emotionally handicapped. It's a mental illness that's plagued me since I was in 1st grade and I've received help with it from school but it just took over my life and relationships. I love and miss her but I don't know if she's gonna give me a 2nd chance because of what I've done.


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  • Dont be afraid of being clingy as you said in your reply
    Be super nice to her, do cute romantic surprise for her just show her you really care and want her back

    • I've been nice to her and we've started talking again but it's not the same as it used to be

    • it will never be the same, it would be worst or better but not the same

    • What can I do or say to her to take the edge off?

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  • If you explain I think it could happen!

    • I've already tried that but she v keeps saying she's not interested in hearing what I have to say unless my actions back up my words.

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    • Ok I'll try that but hopefully she doesn't get pissed again. She got pissed cause I waited till last Saturday to make contact with her after we broke up. i didn't wanna come off as clingy and needy towards her

    • I really think u should find someone else... she seems a little off.

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  • do a youtube video search for "corey wayne". Watch his videos about getting an ex back. Your best bet is do the "no contact" rule for real. It's very, VERY hard. You have to accept the fact that is might be done with for good. However it puts the ball back in your court.

    • I tried the no contact rule and it just didn't work the way I thought it would