Is my relationship over?

okay so, right before Christmas break my boyfriend and I got into a pretty big fight for no reason at all.. He almost broke up with me but told me he couldn’t because he still loved me.. well a little time has pasted and he’s been acting completely different, he is avoiding me at school and he’s being cold. he never calls me baby or princess or anything like that anymore.. he won’t tell me why he was avoiding me. all he would say is it doesn’t involve you.. Things have been very slowly making progress but he just not the same anymore.. if it doesn’t involve me then why is he avoiding me? i have no idea if something happened. all I know is his best friend is trying to break us up and he’s becoming slightly distant.. our 8 months is on the 14th and I’m just so confused.. I love him and I just want things to go back to the same. how can I fix things? Is he just going through a phase or?


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  • I have no idea he literally could be going through something that doesn't involve you however I would still want to know what he's going through as we are a couple..

    I would tell him straight up to talk to you, and that if it doesn't involve you then he shouldn't be treating you different. If he wants to end things just say it, you can love someone but doesn't necessarily mean you're meant together, especially if you end up arguing about nothing.

  • Simplest way to know: talk to him about it.
    It could honestly be either cases: he really has something important bothering him that doesn't involve you, or he is becoming distant because his feelings have changed. In the latter case I don't see why he doesn't break up with you though...
    Seriously, talk to him.

    • I have talked to him about it, he just says it's nothing and that we are fine. He told me he still loves me and everything like that.. maybe I'm just overthinking and reading too much into it.

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