I'm kind of getting tired of being single and now I don't know what to do?

I took a long break from dating while I was single

I have only been in 2 relationships (my longest relationship was 4 months) my entire life and I'm 24 years old, so I'm not the type of girl to just jump into a relationship just to say I'm taken

But there is annoying drum in the back of my head that is tired of being single and it's getting louder.

Before anyone says anything I do approach guys because most of the guys who usually approach me i dont find attractive

I don't think that a guy is entitled to date me just because I like him.

I get told I'm attractive


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  • Nobody is entitled to date anyone and nor does anyone deserve someone based upon anything they do. It is all about being genuine to who you are and finding partner who will reciprocate the respect, appreciation of the other, and feelings. It is tough to find, but is well worth it!

    • Some people feel entitled to get into a relationship
      I even mentioned that I do not feel entitled

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    • I understand now. It's just i want to avoid being one of those girls who is tired of being single and ends up picking the wrong guy but can't see he is wrong for me because i do not want to be alone

    • I can understand that having been single for quite a while as well and I know how lonely it gets. I would say find things you really enjoy doing (you may already be doing things you love) and make connections through those things! I hope you find someone for you 😋 It's hard to know whether or not you picked the right one right off until you get to know the person.

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  • What? Than your not doing it right haha!