Boys question about drunk texting?

OK so there is this guy...he always drunk texts and starts some kind of convo telling me about his night or what he is doing. his friends have told me that he thinks I'm pretty and I have made out with him a couple of times in the past...he has also asked me to chill and invited me places in the past but not I've been inviting him places and he has been saying stuff like, "I can't tonight cause I've got stuff to do...maybe some other time?" (he ends every request to hang out with a question at the end)...anyway, he always ends up drunk texting me random first I thought he wanted a booty call but apparently not from the texts I receive...also, he never willingly texts me sober unless I initiate the text and nolonger asks me to I'm pretty much confused...what does this guy want? (I HAVE asked him to chill and he usually says he can't)...I'm confused! why does he do this?/

-sometimes I'm drunk when I respond to him and the convo just keeps going:s...ALSO I stopped asking to chill lately cause he is never free so I don't bother...we have mutual friends who also tell me he's a great guy...but i dunno what he wants or why he does it?


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  • He's keeping his foot in the door, by continueing to ask you to hang out. If he is continueing to do this, but refuses to ask you out, the strongest likelihood is that he is nervous; the only thing that conflicts with that belief is that he has already made out with you. To me, it sounds like a booty call for a FWB and not a one night stand.

    The only way to be certain, is to ask him about his intentions and see how he reacts. If he doesn't answer or tries to redirect the question, he is a player looking for another FWB. If he answers the question honestly and truthfully, you will know what he is- nervous or otherwise.

    Who knows? Maybe he has an outlying situation that needs to be resolved before starting a relationship.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • No one can figure him out. Your best bet? Forget about him; if he can't talk to you sober you're killing time on this one.


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  • well, when a guy is interested in a girl he's never too busy for her, and he'll never find excuses not to go out with her ( unless he has a really messed up life, but that not seems to be the problem...). Personally I hate when someone talks to me when drunk, they always end up saying the things I want to hear, and the next morning they come to me and apologise because they didn't meant should just forget about that, you've already made a move, it's his time now