Turkey men with American women?

I recently met a tukery man who is 21. He's a Muslim, and is here in the u. s for school and also for work. His family is very rich and used to live in a big city like Miami by the sea. He wanted my number bc he told me I am gorgeous. Had been blowing up my phone for a few weeks. Finally hungout and was very affectionate and bought my son a present. In which he isn't going to meet my son for a long time. Anyway already made the move of kissing me. He wanted to have sex with me but I told him no, we just met. Since then has been in ting me out to dinner and to have lunch with him. I've been kind of distance my and he asked if I didn't like him and if he did something wrong he is sorry. Told him he's moving to fast and he apologized. He still want to go out and hangout and still is bowling up my phone asking my day etc. Is it too good to be true or is that how turkey guys are? Just want you intake.


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  • Keep out them please

    • May I ask why? Just curious from what you know of them

    • Im working at Turkey for about 2 months , and u shouldn't trust him , they are always willing "One night stands"

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