Take it from Dean Cole. What do you think about the new pick up line "Hey My Mama wants to meet you"?

I've had this happen to me several times. Guys in my class (who I barely knew) would introduce me to their Moms and I would never get suspicious. I just figured Well you can't turn down someones Mum can you? Lol

But Deon was asked "What do you do when girls ask where your Mom is?"
He said that by that time, they'll be eating dinner. He has a point lol. He could say something like "Oh lets grab a bite to eat before you meet her."

Then later, you'd be like "Are we going to meet her now?" And he could basically make up something like "Oh I didn't tell you she called an hour ago and said maybe another time."

By then, the girl will probably say "Well anyways, this was fun. We should do it again sometime!"

I take it you dont know Dean Cole? The funny black guy

Seriously 😑


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  • I think it's lame

    • Well a disagreeing opinion is better than no opinion

    • Sorry no one commented on this. I did find it interesting in a way

    • Lol way to make a girl fee better haha ;-)

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  • She would have to come up with something better

    • Lol the guy is the one who said that to the girl

    • I was saying a girl would have to do better than that.

    • I kinda thought thats wgat you meant but i wasn't sure

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