Advice for my relationship?

My boyfriend and I had met in 7th grade and we never talked. I'm now homeschooled and I never talk to him on Facebook. Yesterday, he started randomly talking to me and he kept saying sweet stuff that no on would say to me. He asked me out and I decided to give him a chance. Yesterday, he came to my house and met my family (which I'm not worried about) but his manners were horrible and his mother called me saying he came to my house without permission. Then, he calls me every three hours and messages me on Facebook so much saying how much he loves me. Then, on Facebook he thought my siblings were giving him shit because the were giving me shit like they always do. Then he keeps messaging me saying he won't know what to do if I left him and picked out three songs. I like him but I'm not sure if I love him. I feel like we are oving to fast and now he is pressuring me to meet his whole family and since we just started dating, I'm not ready to meet his whole family. He only met half of my family so far. What should I do?


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  • Yes, I think you two are moving way too fast, just slow down, relax, both of you need to sit down and discuss and take things a little slowly. You said he is pressuring you, well pressure can never be justified and that pressuring someone to do something, that's not an attractive quality.


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