I should probably never ever bring this up to any girl, right?

i used to believe in complete honesty in relationships, but sometimes you just don't want them getting the wrong idea or worrying about something irrelevant.

i've been arrested not once, not twice, but three times and every time was for assault (fighting). first time i was not convicted, but i am twice convicted. they are not felonies but misdemeanors.


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  • I think you should still mention that to a girl because being arrested isn't something to hide lol I talked to a dude once and he got arrested twice for drugs but I didn't care at least he was honest with me


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  • Hmm i see, it depends on the girl's character. How good is she in relativating, it's hard. You either win or lose by telling her so maybe you shouldn't altho transparency is an important thing. You know her better then me so try to imagine vased on the info of her that u know how she would react most probably.

    • very true bro. for example, my ex girlfriend was really supportive over my short fuse and even sometimes when i would explode on her, she would stop me and tell me just breaattheeeee and then talk. she knew that i often don't mean what i say when i get angry, so i told her. but i think this girl is scared of my temper.. i dont think its a good idea.

    • Yeah exactly what i mean. You're ex knew how to relativate. This girl seems diferent to you so maybe don't tell her but do make sure she doesn't find out either. Good luck!

    • spoken like a true bro -- get this man a beer! and a shot

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