Do most guys get into a relationship and secretly have other flings?

I know this guy. He has a girlfriend. He has cried over her they broke up once because of another girl but he made an effort to get back with her and really loves her. However he seems to be really flirty or maybe just friendly with other girls. And I saw him the other day still talking to the girl who was the reason for his girlfriend to break up with him. So what does it mean? I mean shouldn't he stay away from her? Should I tell his girlfriend? Well we aren't pretty close. I know the guy more though, he's a pal.


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  • he's actually the one not ready for a relationship or not serious about it I understand people have laps of judgment but if you keep doing it then its probably something he will keep on doing. When you give attention to someone other than the person you love than you are the one who can't be taken seriously or be trusted. If you feel like your really good friends with him and it bothers you talk to him about it. Tell him that he already was in trouble once and that and that its not a good idea to keep flirting with other girls and that if he really likes/loves the girl he's with his focus should be on her not on other girls. its ok to talk to other girls even if your in a relationship so long as its only a conversation and nothing more

    • I see. You have a point. He does seem immature as well :/ But he did cry when she broke up with him when she found out. He knows it was his fault so he made efforts to win her back and he did. Does that still make him somehow serious with her?

    • Well yeah he likes her more than any other girl but that still hasn't deterred him from flirting with other girls unless he does it subconsciously. I don't know what he did so bad that caused the break up, but if my partner was constantly flirting with other people then I would develop distrust and things might go downhill from there that's why people need to talk to express their feelings and try to understand each other. That other girl that caused the break up might be the one who always starts with the flirting and he just plays along. he just need to be told that it makes for a bad situation when you keep doing something that bothers your significant other

    • As far as I know, they kissed but they were drunk that time. His girlfriend already told him not to go on drinking but he keeps doing so. But if he did it on purpose then it is cheating right?

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  • Women are attracted to men who go out and get what they want. These are the guys who go out and get what they want. They want sex. It's what motivates them. The most successful men in dating are often like this because they don't care what other people think, and because they are the most driven by sex. Because of this combo, they don't stop going after what motivates them when they should.

    • so then he is that type of guy? Should I be worried for his girlfriend then?

    • It seems plausible.

  • men cheat less than women most of my friends don't cheat I think I've had 1 or 2 that have cheated all the other ones haven't

    ask a group of females the same question the numbers are higher when cheating
    that's why I don't do relationships

    • So then he wasn't cheating? More like friendly? Ok thanks :)

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  • Only jerks who don't have respect for women. I would know.

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