How to break up with someone you're not technically dating?

First things first: I know I sound ridiculous.
I have a problem, I'm addicted to the falling in love part.
Then about a week or two later, the feeling fades, and I'm not interested.
Don't get me wrong, I still think he's a great guy, I just don't want a relationship.
John Doe however, doesn't get the hints...
So what is the best thing I can say to him without being a total asshole, to let him know I'm not interested...
I don't meet guys with the intent of doing this to them, it's not some sick game to me.
I don't diss them for someone else, I just straight up lose interest. (I'm only just noticing the pattern)
Will I ever find someone who can keep my interest?
Maybe it's me, how can I change my actions to avoid hurting those kind guys in the future?


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  • It's best to be honest about how you feel. It's possible to be honest and tactful at the same time. Instead of hinting , be straight with him.

    He's holding onto false hope at the moment. Being honest with him may hurt him, but lying to him by allowing him to cling to false hope will destroy his trust.. and that could affect him a long time

    It's cruel to string people along , even if it's unintentional... so really, you are going to hurt him more by not being honest.

    Truth and rejection are painful at times , but its twice as painful when you realise you've been holding onto to someone who didn't even care about you at all.

    At least if you're honest , he'll be able to move on and have the opportunity of finding a girl who genuinely wants to be with him

    You've obviously not found the right person, and you aren't ready for a relationship just yet. . 😊💗


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  • Well, don't lead guys on as a first step. Afterwards, just say you only see him as a friend I guess, heh.

  • Keep talking about other guys and how you want to date them and stuff. Then get a boyfriend.


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  • Stop hinting and say it straight. "Hey I think you're a great guy but I just don't feel that connection. Best of luck to you."

    Maybe you just haven't found anyone who rocks your world yet. Some people find others they like quickly, some people just have little to no standards, some people have too high standards (not open to anyone who doesn't exactly fit their ideal), and some people just are unlucky and don't find anyone suitable for awhile.

  • You try to avoid them!

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