Need help with a girl I'm seeing and why she isn't talking?

Had a good female friend who was talking to most days, we started to casually see each other for a few months and everything was going great, affection and all. She said that she likes to be 100% honest and open and expects the same. Even brought up that we were basically a couple minus the title. About a week after this, said didn't feel like talking. I asked if it was me and she said seriously it's not and when I saw her in person the week after she told me she honestly wasn't mad at me. Yet I'm still to hear from her.

Now she is a person who likes to be alone at times and I haven't heard from her since mid November despite the occasional attempts to contact up til Jan. I sent an Christmas gift but didn't get it acknowledge to me or anything.

What I want to know is does this girl like me a lot and avoiding me because she doesn't want to tell me? Or is she avoiding me for some other reason? Will I ever hear back from her and do I have to wait for her to message me? I have heard she is avoiding all people and not chatting to all but a few close friends and didn't reply when I asked what we were, so I'm not sure.

Thanks :)

No more help required. Thanks anyways just waiting it out now


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  • It sounds like she's depressed. It's not uncommon for people with depression to act that way.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I'm trying to reach out and be there and show her that I care. However she is abroad atm and I haven't heard from her for 2 months.

      Is it the right thing to do to show her that I care and tell her I am there? I've been trying to talk since Nov up to Jan but have given her space since start of 2016 to let her work through things so do you think she will eventually come around and contact me soon?
      Is there still a chance at a relationship or that she likes me still? What makes you think she is depressed and how can I help her?

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    • That's pretty much verbatim what I told you to say, so I wouldn't think that it was too much.

    • Ok great, thanks again. I hope she gets back to me at some point because its annoying to not even hear from her as a friend :/ but time will tell I guess. Thanks for your time

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  • It sounds like you need to start to move on bro. Sometimes girls can be heartless, even the ones we love. It'll be hard but I wouldn't try and contact her anymore and if she contacts you play it cool and don't trust her because she might do it again. The feelings of loss aren't worth the feelings you have when you are with her. It never is! Good luck

    • Thanks, haven't contacted her since beginning of Jan. The last message I told her it was annoying to not hear but whatever her reason is that's her problem. Also told her to contact me if/when she is ready and left it at that.

      Is that the right thing to do and sufficient enough to say I'm done for now and the ball is in your court? If she values the friendship will she at least attempt to be friends and make contact again?

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    • Seams fair to me. Don't tell her that though just keep it to yourself. IF she does want to start something back up you just take it slow on your own. But don't get your hopes up and count her out for now.

    • Yeah I have counted her out for now. It's pretty shitty to not say anything, even as a friend for 2 months

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  • Sometimes people need their own alone time, and in some cases they avoid contact with almost everyone. But I find it strange that you haven't heard from her for such a long time. I would remain contact with someone I like, even when I want time on my own.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I let her know that I cared and for her to contact me in my last message at the start of the year. How do you advise I proceed?
      I don't want to ask her friends in case she is nad at me and don't want to message her again. Should I just wait for her to contact me now?
      If she didn't want to talk or didn't like me anymore would she have told me?

      Just trying to figure out why she hasn't said anything for so long. Any thoughts?

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    • Hey, I just messaged her again saying I hope travels are going well, I'm still giving you your space but know I'm here if you need me Now this message has been seen but no reply.

      Is it too much to send that? Does this indicate that she is angry or doesn't like me/want to talk?

    • Your message was good. Nothing wrong with it and you have let her know you're there for her. Maybe she doesn't want to talk. All you can do now is wait and hope she'll reply.

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  • I think she is not being 100% honest with you. In my experience she is seeing someone else or someone close to her died.

    • Thanks for your opinion, I doubt she is seeing someone as she is abroad atm and her best friend told me she is only seeing me as far as she knows. Could there be another reason why she is avoiding me?

    • Over stressed about something maybe.

    • Cheers, that could be the case. I think it is just best to leave her alone for now and hope the reason reveals itself.