Guys, Whatsapp question?

Would a guy be on whatsapp day and night just texting friends? I'm getting suspicious cos he's always on there and we are dating but don't want to ask him as I sound possessive and I'm not, just bad experience with an ex boyfriend whatsapping other woman and wonder if my latest guy is at it? Thanks


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  • I can't tell you what his reasoning is for using social media so much, but I can say this; You should not let your past dictate your future. If it bothers you that much, you should share your concerns. But you should also consider that you may not have quite healed from your last experience and that it's potentially carrying over into your current romantic interest. I read an article that talked about how some people are pain avoiders rather than pleasure seekers. If you are approaching your dating life as a pain avoider, you will certainly look for issues in your SO to avoid in order to avoid a repeat. If, however, you approach for a pleasure seeking angle, you will look for the things in your relationship that enhance your enjoyment of it. Here is a link to the article:
    Hope this is helpful.

    • Thanks that's handy to read. I do certainly put myself out there and am open to a new relationship but I guess cos I keep meeting guys off this dating site I used I know they can still be chat buddies with some, althou if I like someone and start dating I end up telling others or let the texting phase out. It's difficult and I don't feel I can ask him

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    • Thanks for those words. I'm feeling like we are not on the same page anymore. He was doing all the sweet talking about how I'm perfect for him etc, we've got into a physical relationship, seeing each other for two months now, and I still feel I don't know what's going on which isn't good news. I did ask if he dating others, he said no, he does like his own space. What I finding however is the times I see him is those that he suggests. He's then on whatsapp a lot but the occasional night he's not on it at all, that's when I think he's in the company of another lady. I'm scared to confront him as it's early days and he will think I'm lacking any trust. I've been cheated on twice by two different men in the last couple of years so I don't want to tar every man with the same brush but my gut is telling me something isn't stacking up right here. As a man would you freak out if I started asking you directly? I just need his honesty or I'm walking

    • I think that's reasonable. Intuition is just a sum of your personal experiences warning you about trends. If you still want to know where he is (relationship wise), I see no reason why he would not respond if you were to ask him where things are going. If he's already on the way out and just sticking around for comfort (some people just don't like not having something guaranteed) then it could likely confront him with a decision.

  • Could be innocent if he uses it as main message app to friends. Impossible to know unless u can see him and who he is messaging

    • Thanks yeah that's why I'm scared to ask, if it's all innocent and I sound like I'm questioning him. I'm suspicious because we met on a dating site two months ago and thinking it might be a woman who has become a chat buddy off there or in fact someone else he's dating alongside me

    • Hmmmmmmm need to dig a bit to get to the bottom of it. I wouldn't normally like this but in this case he is a new guy met on a dating site so you really have no idea of how or what he is really like apart from what he tells you. Try and dig and find out of he can be trusted with your heart.

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