How to ignore the pain of missing him?

My long distance boyfriend is an oil and gas worker, he's always busy offshore with work non stop in limited access of communication place - we can't call, only chat by viber\ whatssap when he's not in his shift (which is also IF we have the wifi connection there, most of the time thw wifi is too slow) I miss him terribly, I knew it was selfish to not understand his work, he works almost 24/7 to earn some money for our future, and he can't plan his vacation as not enough worker in his department (most of them had been lay off). It's been 3 months since he's away and it's hurt so much can't commicate so often like before, we used to facetime and talk everynight and date every month. I feel it's not fair for him to be treated like this as not enough manpower for lots of job, and can't complaint since he's still in risk to be lay off too if the oil price still dropping (which is.. it happens)

please help me how can I ignore this pain and be understandable girlfriend with this situation?


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  • You just have to look forward to when you'll see him, every day that passes means it's a shorter amount of time you have to wait, focus on that.


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  • Oil prices are expecting to continue to fall below $30 are barrel so I'm sure he is going to work as many shifts as he can and is stressed out about that.

    Usually oil workers do two weeks on two weeks off on the rigs I thought? He can't have been out on the rig for three months straight without any return to land?

    • It used to be like that before this, but there's nit enough people to handle a region. So he'll be working 3 weeks in a field, then return to the land, just to rest for a day then need to be return back to another platform for another 2-3 weeks for the region (for crew change). Basically, they are just rotating the crew between 2-3 fields every 3 weeks just for the sake of crew change, the truth is, they're not resting at the base, there's not enough manpower to cover the work. Yeah, i saw the oil price today, it's hitting below $30... it's scary

    • Hmmm there should be regulation against that. They're fatigued and someone is going to get hurt.

    • Yeah, they're fatigued.. but forced to do it, instead of losing a job like some of them... it's terrible... how i wish the oil price will be high again... they're not a robot, they have families too...

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  • You should embrace the fact that you're lucky enough to be able to talk even sometimes, & that you'll eventually reunite again.
    I lost someone I loved a year & a half ago, & I think about him everyday and miss him so much, and I know I may never be able to communicate with him ever again. I wish I was in a situation such as yours that I could look forward to definitely talking to him once again.