Does he like me or not?

In 8th grade I dated this guy, and it was your typical middle school relationship. I brok up with him because he kept our relationship a secret from his parents and he always wanted to be around me. We are now friends, and I think I am starting to like him again. I'm open to dating him, we would just have to talk about what didn't work in the past. He told my friend that he likes 2 girls. He has told me one of them, and asked if I have her snapchat. I know that he used to like my friend, so I don't know if he still does or not. But he says stuff that seems like he is flirting. For example: I had to hold hands with someone for a group activity and wasn't happy with who it was. He said : I should come and save you so that we could have held hands"

Also stuff like "you look good everyday homes, it doesn't matter if you wear sweats." But im not sure if he is not trying to flirt and it just happens, or if he does like me. My friend asked if he likes me and he said "nah". But we think he might say that because he doesn't trust my friend and thinks that she would tell me. What do you guys think.

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  • He just try to flirt :)


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