Tinder: What should be the the first thing you say?

Well a friend installed the app on my find and there's some nice cute girls on there so why not giving it a shot? I'm quite new to this and i dont really know what to say to stand out and strike up a conversation. An aditional difficulty is that i live in germany and have just learned german im fluent but my level of sophistication and eloquence are lacking despite the fact that i am fluent.

So i was wondering if guys could tell me what worked for them or girls what worked on them.

Poll for fun really... Do you think Tinder can increase your chances of finding a poissible gf/bf?

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  • say something unique... like something about her status or what she likes and make it a thing you like too. Give her an instant start into a conversation and show her you have something in common and are not as boring to just send hi to everyone. She has to believe it is just written for her and that will make her feel special...

    • I think so too and yes using the profile seems smart. It shows real interest and shows your not just looking for a pretty exterior.

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  • Just say hi. That's the best way to go in my experience!

    • Id love to believe that but I don't know... i gues if a girl really was interested that would be enough. But im also not convinced I've figured out how girls work when it comes to apps like that. Some might just need attention for whatever psychological reason.

    • Yeah I used to have a Tinder. I didn't get it for the attention, I just did it for fun (the attention was nice though). I know a lot of girls who do do it for attention and also girls who don't like to message back, but I usually would. It just depends on the girl I guess. I don't even know how girls work when it comes to apps like Tinder haha.

    • I think i found out what girls want in a relationship now to get one... it seems ill need to try figure out how they work and thats like a mess i dont want to get a closer look at. ;)

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