Is it weird to send this message to as guy? HELP. help?

I am getting mixed signals from a guy I liked. We exchanged the looks, he hugged me, he was always somehow physically near me, we talked weirdly. I added him on fb, we liked each others posts, but since than he deactivated and reactivated his profile 3 times now. All of a sudden he stopped liking my posts, I am ignoring him as well.

Guys, How would you feel if a girls sent you this?
If you think it's stupid, what should I send him and should I make the move at all?

Girls, did you ever do this?

,, Since I believe that I'll never meet again, just want to tell you that you are the most interesting and complex person I recently met. I think you should know that. You do not have to answer me if you do not want to, take this only as a compliment, isolated from the essence of this site, between those few messages that we shared and miracle we actually met, somewhere between deleting profiles. You are truly amazing. : ) ''


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  • It is awkward for me. You're praising him too much for once. he might feel very awkward and freaked out but flattered as well.


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