Is he just shy?

There is this boy in my class and I have a crush on him. I think also has a crush on me, but I would like to know your opinion :)

- we have some eye contact. A lot of short, volatile glimps. But when we talk, we have constantly eye contact.

- he texted me a few times private, while we are both part of a groupchat. It's something he could ask in the groupchat too, but he did it private. I did it once on the same and texted him. It's always about school tbh

- he is really spontaneuos around other girls, but more shy while he's around me.

- we work in a project group together. We always have a lot of with eachother, but after the stupid jokes, we always have eyecontact

- he always stands really close, and then there is this weird feeling. Not in a bad way. Just some tension

so, the next week we have an important test week and I was wondering if I should text him like 'how was your test' or something like that but I don't know

do you think he has crush on me too

I also hear him and some other guys from my class saying my name. Sounds weird, I know. But they do it on a way they did in elemantery school
So should I text him?
Please someone help me 😅😅😅😅


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  • Sounds like he is interested but indeed shy. Don't force him to make a move. You can make one and ask him to hang out!


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