Girls, Would you date a guy like me?

About Myself :

I find it hard to talk about myself. Any way , let me try. I am INTJ. "What the hell is that? " It is one of the 16 personality type in the world. I stands for Introversion. N for Intuition , T for Thinking , J for Judgement. Basically, I am a weird combination for all those four & there are around 2% of us in the world. Currently I am doing my master. I can not stress this enough :" I love studying , I love learning, I love college/universities".
I am a decent human being. I am not going to use any more adjective because what I understand of psychology no one shouldn't e. g honest, loyal etc. Though my major is computer , I also like physics, philosophy, psychology or anything which gives me new insight about the world around me.

Religion : Hinduism
Height: 165cm
Nationality: Indian
Favotite books:
Shiva Triology, Quiet , What's the right thing to do?, Outliers, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Sambhaji, Open, The Secret Path, Blink

Favorite movies:
Inception, Interstellar, Pursuit of happyness, 300, P. S. I love you, Serendipty, Taken, Walk To remember, A beautiful mind, Scent of a Woman

Favotite Shows:
The Big Bang Theory , Suits, House of cards, HIMYM, Sherlock, Lost , The Mentalist, Two & a half men, Friends

Favorite food :
Indian , Pizza & Coke

Final Destination : NYC

I am here for honest response YES or NO. Also a reason for it. This is a part of bigger anlaysis i. e my life. If you have any doubt, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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What Girls Said 3

  • OMG you are almost exactly like my boyfriend except he studies biochemistry and is my age, but everything else is the same! So I guess that's a yes, since I am dating a guy like you! As for my reasons, intelligence and desire to learn are some of the most important qualities to me, I love a guy who can make me think. I also love Indian food and culture (even though I'm white haha). However, I think the most important factors in dating someone are the things you can't put on paper - how comfortable you feel with someone, how well you can talk to each other, the chemistry you have, etc. So anyway, I'm taken, but if you're anything like my boyfriend (which it seems you are!) you're a really great guy and there's a great girl out there waiting for you! :)

  • Sorry, but you're quiet and you like way too romantic movies XD
    I would annoy you with me taking 24/7

    We can't be together, I'm sorry Hahahaha jk mate

    You are cool. Also you seem intelligent. Keep it flowing.

  • I would if I was older. The intelligence is what does it for me :)