Girls, What is something that a guy has done that is so bad that him getting you a kitty or a puppy is not enough to even begin to forgive?

Cheating and killing ones parents or killing people in general does not count.
I ask this becasue i messt up something pretty bad and my girlfriend got mad, im not talking about "oh that is fucked" i mean she was PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST, she was like the phinix in mid transformation, everything on fire and shit, but she forgave me when i got a rotty puppy


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  • Dude, puppies and kittens aren't gift material. What if the dog grows up and turns out to be more than she can handle? Pets have to fit a person's lifestyle and should be picked out by the person themselves. Tons of homeless pets are out there because they were gifts as puppies or kittens.

    Okay, animal rant over. Anyway, this is hard to imagine because, for a reasons I just listed, getting me a puppy or kitten would likely just anger me more.

    But, let's pretend he magically knew exactly the kind of dog I wanted and screened the puppy's personality before bringing it home... For me to still be angry, he would've had to REALLY hurt me. Maybe sending naked pictures of me to his friends would do it. Or continuing sex after I say I'm not in the mood. Or hitting me, or any of my friends, our existing dog.

    • 1, we live together, tho i never actually mention that
      2. also i love rotts because i had 2 before and i love them and now so does she
      3. my fuck up was that i was hanging with my bros and we all got supper drunk while we were camping and the trip lasted longer than expected and i misst her birthdate and ended up coming home 2 days later (with the puppy)
      4. that last part you mention that is not a "fuck up" that is just fucked up that is abuse i was not talking about abuse because that shit it just severe, like half or full rape, domestic abuse and stuff that is just, tho the texting friend your nudes, yea that does fall into the "fuck ups"

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