Why am I not attracted to my boyfriend anymore?

I've had a crush on this guy since fall of 2014, like really crushing, we started dating in November and I thought I was in love. Now it's January and I feel nothing towards him at all. He's not cute anymore and I realize I don't like his personality at all...


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  • there is no crushing and falling in love silly woman. its all lust, infatuation, and chemicals in your brain. true love is a life choice and is built with lots of struggle

    • oh god if i had noticed it says under 18 earlier i wouldn't even bother to comment

    • I'm sorry? I still have feelings at 17... What's your problem

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  • Wow, you're really scary to date. Haha!
    You lose interest real fast girl.

    • I knowww 😣 The same thing happened with my last guy but he was easier to end it with.

    • Well, do you confuse infatuation with love in your opinion? Because maybe perhaps you date soley based on what your emotions tell you which got you where you are today.

    • Why not from not, you force yourself to know your crushes 6 months before start dating em. So after the period and you still have passionate emotions for the man, then you'll know maybe you have a chance at long term with this feller. (:

  • Because you are learning what you like and don't like. Love takes a lot of forms and it's in no way guaranteed to be permanent. Maybe you grew apart. You're at an age where your personal growth and his is at it's greatest spurt.

  • You should be with some one who makes you happy.


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