Is it possible to get back together after a 6-month break (my family pushing us to break up)?

It's not my choice to take a break, I like him a lot.. my family is pushing hard for us to breakup. I've known my boyfriend for 6 months, been together officially for 3 months. I've currently living at home & haven't had the best job history. I graduated from a good college but got laid off & just haven't been able to find a steady job since then (went broke & had to move back home). I went back to school 2 years ago for another bachelor's degree and i'm about to graduate in 6 mos. My parents are adamant that I don't date anyone until I graduate & find a job, and i do understand where they're coming from. They were against us getting together, and give me hell everytime I come back from seeing him. They even set curfews and "punish" me for breaking it. It's stressing me out so badly I'm considering taking a 6 month "break" from him until I finish school. He doesn't want to though & says it'll be a breakup. Please help, I don't know what to do?


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  • 6 months of bullshit for the possibility of f a lifetime of happiness with one you love? Do the math I suppose. I know you have only been dating a while but just remember all life partners you see today started somewhere...


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