Not Interested Or Not Worth The Time?

Ok here goes, I have been dating this guy for a little over a month we have gone out 5 times so far both busy, professionals, and holiday travel so a bit extended. Date 1 drinks, dinner, 5 hour conversation.

On date 2 (I was rebounding some, not his fault) I decided to sleep with him at his place I said I needed to leave so I went home about an hour later even though he was asking me to stay.

Date 3 dinner no drinks, he is very polite, chivalrous, orders for me since it was a new place I had never been walks me to my car and cold shoulder/doesnt make a move.
(asked me to go to vegas with him on valetines day weekend & meet his family also informs me he decided to get a roommate who is a female to save more money in a goal to buy a house)

Date 4 drinks at a local dive bar about 3 hours of conversation 2 drinks each walks me to my car cold shoulder again. (compliments my appearance - notices I changed my nials - mentions me going to vegas again - refuses to let me pay)

Date 5 (wait scratch this let me interject before date 5 he asked to meet me for drinks, when I said sure he asked me if I am easily offended and then tried to ask me to meet him directly after work half an hour accross town to go to Twin Peaks (like a hooters) I declined) Now Date 5... dinner no drinks finally made a weak attempt at a move barely a peck concerned of his breath after garlic... (compliments my appearance - again asks me about going to vegas)

I feel we aren't communicating well and tried to ask him more questions etc. everytime I asked him a question, instead of answering he asked me one in return. I am having a hard time reading him, when I was out of town recently he sent me a message every morning and yet when we met for date 5 yesterday I assumed he wasn't going to show because I had not heard anything from him all day.

He also twice has offered to take hint (once after the twin peaks decline) currently he is planning a lunch date 6 and movies date 7 (knowing I dont like movies) im lost


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  • Sounds like he's planned a lot of dates so he's interested but maybe just shy, not sure how to go about kissing you.


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