Should I go out with this Korean girl?

I have a really good friend who is from Korean who recently introduced me to his Japanese-Korean friend who goes to a college in the same city as us. She is probably the hottest Asian girl I have ever seen in my life, and I really liked her from the 30 minutes we were all hanging out, and whats even better is that since her parents are Japanese (however they live in Korea) she can speak Japanese (I can speak a good amount of Japanese as well from studying it) so we hit it off pretty well. Anyway my friend told me afterwards that I could totally date her. I questioned further and he said that she really liked me, and was looking for an American boyfriend (I would assume so that she could live in America). I'm not sure how to feel about this, on one hand I have the hottest Asian girl I have ever met from one of my favorite cultures in the world (Japanese), but she just wants to date me because I am American, not for any other reason. How should I feel about this? Her culture is pretty serious about dating so I just know if I start dating her it will get really serious really fast (which doesn't bother me, I am pretty serious about it too), still though would it be a good idea to date her? It would be semi long distance since half of the year she spends in Korea, I really dont know how to feel about it.


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