What if she says she can't do something this weekend? What should I say?

So I've been going out with this girl for the past 4 months or so, we text basically everyday, and pretty often through out the day as well. Last week she started classes again (she only has one) and she's working. But she randomly became very distant, we have still texted a little bit every day but not at all like we used to. This past weekend she said she was "feeling off" and didn't want to do anything, so she just stayed in. I think she's been extremely busy this week, she texted me yesterday about some craziness at work and apparently her class has a lot of busy work. So that would explain why she has barely been texting me. It takes her 6-8 hours to respond, it used to be 1 hour at the most...

I asked her to hang out tonight be she said she couldn't. I've only seen her once in the past 3 weeks (because I went home for the holidays for about a week and a half) but while I was on my way back from holidays, she had mentioned the "love" word, it was kind of joking, but I still returned the sentiment in a way that was appropriate. She still will initiate texting with me, but she will take forever to respond, and sometimes just won't respond at all.

I am going to ask her to hang out this weekend, if she says she can't, I feel like I have to say something. Because this has been really stressing me out, why has there been this sudden change? And if she wasn't interested anymore, why would she initiate texting? But what should I say if she says she can't hang out this weekend? I don't want to be a dick, I want to be understanding, but I also don't just want to be walked over...

Oh and last week when I got back, she was talking about all the things we should do, and she asked me out to dinner. Then the next day is when she started being distant (that was the day her class started).
I also met this girl on Tinder, and I had deleted the app after the first couple weeks. But I redownloaded it to see if she had updated her profile, she hasn't, but her distance reader changes. Which means she is still using the app...


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  • Sounds like she's keeping her distance, without walking away completely. Ask her what's going on. Don't accuse, use "I" statements.

    • yea I was absolutley not going to accuse her, I was just going to ask is "is everything was ok, you've has seemed distant lately", we actually ended up talking tonight like normal, including her calling me her nickname she has for me, so maybe she has just been busy this week. hopefully she agrees to see me this weekend...

    • Do make sure that you don't brush your concerns aside because a pet name was used, if you know what I mean. Most people don't go silent for long periods of time for no reason at all. So be sure to clear the air.

      Good luck!

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