Should I ask her out to lunch sometime?

Okay, I'm the type of guy who seriously misses every hint and opportunity when a girl throws one at me. I'm foolish enough to think "they're not interested in me, move on". Being stuck in that mentalty sucks. Last night, one of my clients, and yes I know, she's one of my clients and I should keep it professional which I always do, invited me over to her apartment to discuss things about the job. This is typical for my clients to first invite me over to discuss things, so that wasn't unorthodox. Anyways, we met and everything seemed very relaxed. Usually meeting with new clients, things can be a bit uneasy or sometimes just not ourselves, but both her and I seemed to be very relaxed with each other like we've known each other for years, it was honestly very strange, but in a good way. She offered me something to eat while we sat on the couch to discuss things and from then on it just went from talking about business to genuinely talking to each other about our personal lives for about 30 minutes, which is VERY uncommon, at least with my past experiences with clients (and I have about 25 at the moment). She has a great sense of humor, she's very cute, kept things professional and is only a couple of years older than me, though I'm still in college. After talking for awhile, she gave me her phone number which was also unexpected. The company I work for uses numbers based off the company so that we don't have to give out each other's personal numbers. She even offered me to driver her car while I was gone if I needed it, which I of course won't need to, so it just seems like she is very comfortable with me. After all was said and done, we texted each other a few times afterwards just simply thanking each other and that was it. I know this is long as f***, but I just wanted to provide as much detail as possible to get an accurate answer from anybody; should I or should I not ask her out to lunch sometime in the near future once this weekened passes (which is when the job will be completed). Thank you all

Sorry, there was an error.
I meant "she even offered me to drive her car while SHE was gone if I needed it"
Bumping for some more opinions maybe


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  • Do this after you settle your buisness:

    "Hey I'm going to grab something to eat, wanna tag along?"

    that's like he most perfect thing ever because if she says no, I'm still gunna go stuff myself with chick fil a, and if she says yes we both can stuff ourselves with chick fil a