Does she think know I want to date her?

I am a guy in college, and there is really amazing girl in one of my classes that I am trying to start a relationship with. The trouble is that I honestly cannot tell whether she thinks that's what I'm trying to do. I'd really appreciate any advice you all have (especially from any college girls)!!

The girl and I have known each other for a while. We sit next ot each other in class. We've always been friendly and chat (mostly about school) briefly before class, but not really close or friends. We never hung out outisde of class until recently.

So, last month, I asked her to a winter ball type of thing. She said yes, and we went and had a pretty good time. Neither one of us was really into the dancing, but we talked a lot. (That's when I really started to fall for her.) A week later, it was finals week, so I asked her if she wanted to study together, and she said yes to that.

Right after that, we went home for winter break for a month. So I made up excuses to text her a few times over the break: Asking a question about final grades, wishing her happy birthday, etc. A few days before we came back to school, I texted her to see if she wanted to get some food with me (just on campus) once school started. Again, she said yes, but that she wanted to do it the week after we got back, once she knew her schedule better. (I felt like that was a little weird, because she obvious has to eat this week too. But, on the other hand, why would she say yes, if she didn't want to see me?)

Whenever we do something one on one, she's pretty social - and she's like that even when we text. I've noticed though that she's pretty quiet now when we're sitting next to each other in class. (Never of us is really bubbly or talkative in general though.) Like she seems a little distant there, but otherwise she's nice, so it's confusing.

What do you guys think? Does she understand that I'm trying to date her? And does she sound interested?

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  • If she knows, she's hiding it, cause girls are bastards.
    If I've learned anything about girls in the past year or so, it's that they will seem happy to go places and do things and hang out with you for a long time, and they will simply decide not to one day. And they won't tell you why.

  • Why didn't you try to hold her hand at the ball? Why didn't you lean in for a kiss? Did you guys talk any relationships? You gotta be more direct and let her know. Otherwise you will be friend zoned

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