Is my girlfriend alright?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating ever since the school year started. It was more like November i think. she tells me she loves me and im the perfect guy for her. At first, this all felt good. But now, she isn't saying "I love you" in the same way anymore. She used to say it like "yes I actually love you" but now she is saying it more like "I'm just saying this so you will be happy". I've never hurt her, and she tells me she has never loved someone the way she loves me so she has never been hurt when it comes to relationships. She only has a problem at home with her family having different beliefs and religions, but she has been dealing with that for 3 years, and her family still loves her. I feel like she is hiding something from me. She always talks to me like there is something else going on and she won't tell me. I asked about it last night but she just said "everything is fine" and when i kept on pestering her she said "seriously im good" but she doesn't act the same way she used to anymore. Does she not love me anymore? was this whole relationship an act to her? She has never had a problem with her family before so i wouldn't think thats the problem. The problem is either me, or something deep inside her. Any ideas?


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  • At your age, relationships can burn out very quickly. I think it's best in your situation to try and have an honest conversation about whether the relationship should continue without blame.

    Use the I method. For example, "When you do (action), it makes me feel (emotion) because of (reason). I would really appreciate if you did (action) instead)." That's a very generic explanation but it should be of some use.


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