I need to stop talking to her. Is this a bad idea?

This girl and I are best friends. We care a lot about each other.
We both have feelings for each other more than friends.
She just doesn't want a relationship right now and just wants to date around..

I don't even know why she told me she liked me if that is what her intentions were.

If she wants to date other guys, I don't want to talk to and make her think that I am just her back up plan.

Maybe then she will realize what I mean to her. Or maybe she will realize she doesn't like me as much as she thinks she des.


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  • Ask her if she wants to date you, if no then start talking less to her and date other girls

    • I asked her on a date this week and she kept finding ways to be busy. So she said, lets try next week. I said okay and told her to let me know her work schedule. SO that should be in a couple of days.

    • great! go out with her on a date and try to kiss her or something , see what happens:)

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  • she might just end up dating you only if you started dating her first.

    I think you should try that route, and if she ends up dating other guys still, then stop talking to her (assuming you couldn't handle it)

    • I have tried to get her to go out on a date this week and she just kept making up reasons why she couldn't. Then she said lets try next week, so I am waiting for her to tell me her schedule to see if next week works.
      I just feel that if she wanted to be around me, she would find a way to get out of it.

    • if she blows off next week too then fuck her, figuratively.

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