Girl that was playing games before is trying to get my attention after I ignored her?

Girl was playing games, being wishy-washy, flaking, and just generally not showing respect for my time it seemed. She didn't respect my time the first time and never came back to me till the hours before our date was supposed to go down, but made a counter offer when I told her I had my own thing going on. I accepted and then she acted wishy-washy and ended up being flakey about it. Now she PASSIVELY tries to get my attention, as in she hasn't directly contacted me after I ignored her when she flaked on me.

How do I act? I am interested in the girl, but I am not interested in being one of her ego stroking methods. Do I let her come to me? Do I show some interest, a small amount, and then let her work for it?


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  • No. Move on. You say passively she tried to get your attention. If she didn't do it directly, then it's possibly you are reading into it. Here's the key: What has changed that you think she is now trying to get your attention? If it's the fact that you are ignoring you, what makes you think she won't revert to flaky once she has your attention? She's saving you man. Move on.

  • Very good question. I too would like to know the answer to this.