Girls, I'm not ready to say I love you?

It hasn't come up yet but it's ackward because I don't know what else to say instead of that... I was in a long relationship and it's like second nature to just say I love you but I am aware these are some landmark words. Anyone have advice for what I could be saying instead that still expresses care for this person?


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  • try being honest. most girls are extremly unsure and nervous and then having a guy not say it back without a reason makes them go nuts (not in a good way) so just try telling her how you feel. that you want to treasure those words and not just use them as a phrase... that you want them to come sincerly from your heart and its not like you dont fricken care about her to the moon and back, its just you being you. she may understand and the two of you could make a habit of saying something instead. I really admire you. You are wonderful. I love you being in my life...

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