My girlfriend told me that most girls prefer a guy with a bit brown skin , is it true?

she said that they look sexier and more masculine , not too much brown though just a bit


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  • Well, I'm sure you could answer that yourself, if the amount of melanin in a guy's skin has any direct effect on how 'manly' he looks. I personally fail to see how skin colour would affect that but then again, I guess some people will think of 'masculinity' being purely dependent on appearance versus behaviour.

    • so u will see a black male as equally attractive as the white one and vice versa , i mean skin color don't make any difference to u at all when it comes to appearance?

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    • well I'm probably most into Asian guys in general, though I may be a bit biased in that 'preference' as my boyfriend is Asian. :P

    • i see , that's cool !

  • Olive skin, yeah


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