Smooth pick ups in movies?

Before you say its a movie , i know , i know its a movie and not real even if sometimes it does sound real.
But the thing is apperantly movies are messing with our lives, everyone believes cold approaching can be easily done (if ever) and its all good , heck iam one of these peopel who believe you can appraoch a girl and just get her number and date her... but i've realized that its not as easy , because most girls will turn you down unless you get really lucky , i have a friend who cold approaches a lot , apart from a girl he met on vacation he hasn't dated any local girls that way , it just nog useful with girls especially the more conservative ones... which brings us to another problem, talking smoothly to a girl. in movies it seems easy the right words at the right time and boom !!! a kiss...

Its good and all but in Real Life you need some persuation , you need to get to know her a bit and you never ask someone out or to a party or date on the first day you meet them , sure a after a while of knowing them and choosing the right words you can smoothly ask a girl out without she even realising ( i've done it )... leaving a good first impression is not that hard if you act yourself, be funny, witty and look good but attempting to set a date at the same time? i am yet to see that... iam in a situation right now where i dont feel attracted to any girl in my class ( well a few but they are taken ) so iam left with dating other girls from other majors , which is cool since i get a lot of attention from girls , but cold approaching them? hell no, it never works , going from "hey whats up" to "lets grab a drink" has always been a problem for me and lots of the guys i know , and ithink its all due to movies , we have these expectations that being sleek and smooth is enough while in reality its not and its not even easy being that smooth.

keep in mind that some guys can do it , a rare nautral few... but rare , so what are your thoughts?


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  • its just a movie man.