I'm a handsome young guy but I'm a horrible flirt and end up just being great friends with women, how do I change this?

I'm 23, work full time, I'll admit I'm awkward but funny, I'll admit I can't approach women with the intention of seducing but if a conversation does happen I have no problem being friendly. The real question is how do I come off in a more sexual light to women.


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  • Be honest maybe?

    • I have been honest. i feel when I do approach women in a flirtatious way it comes off really awkard and I ruin things. So it's been easier just being the weird funny friend that they like going clubbing with.

    • Take baby steps, like start with friendship

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  • You don't have to be a smooth talker or a mysterious bad boy, just genuinely interested in getting to know them. Really dig for those things that they value and hold dear to them and truly get to know them as a person. By getting to know someone on a deeper level and taking off their masks is how you start to develop feelings for another person, and vice versa. If you need some help with what kind of things to ask to get deeper conversations:

    If you had to re-live 1 day every day for the rest of your life, what day would you choose?
    What is the most important person you have ever had in your life?
    What do you consider to be the biggest turning point in your life?
    Name 1 thing that makes you feel nostalgic.
    What do you bring most to a friendship?
    What makes you feel supported/cherrished/safe/loved/powerful? ( ask only 1 at a time )
    How do you show your love to others?
    What is the biggest lie you tell yourself?
    What is your biggest fear and why?
    What lesson did your parents teach you that resonates the most with you today?

    And other questions asking about why they made the decisions they did and why they like what they like


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  • I think many guys often attempt to be flirty at the start of a conversation, but come out with some stupid pickup line. You don't want to do that!!!

    I think what you need to do, is work on your confidence in a conversation. You might think "no i don't need to!", but I seriously think you need to be as relaxed as possible, and then start being more front. A couple of times you might say the wrong thing - but you'll learn.

    My advice would be you talk to them normally, and then steer the conversation to more "mature" topics. I've seen good looking guys come out with things that are pushing it (although don't be disrespectful - that's just nasty) while talking to girls, and their looks allow them to get away with it - in fact in the cases I've seen it amuses the girls.

    Good luck dude, if you're as handsome as you say then don't waste a second of it!

  • Get ready for rejections. It's important that you let the woman know that you intend on being more than a friend. You have to risk it at one point. If you are comfortable with yourself and just can't advance on women, I recommend looking up "Simple Pickup" on youtube.

  • Just say this"would you like to incite a sexual relationship?" Works for me every time

  • keep it simple hey hi my name is _____ would you like too fuck I thought you where cute

  • become more chilled out. let women become sexual with you. and more straight forward. show non friendly intetions without being hostile.

    • i recommend reading the alabaster girl by zan perrion. also see the videos in the rsdtyler youtube channel. get the goods from both approaches.