Confronted the Ghostee?

Hi, so I was talking to this guy for about a month or so, he seemed very into me in person and not so much over the phone. Anyways, we went on two dates and although he invited me for a third date, the timing never worked and he disappeared on me after. I'm pretty okay with him leaving, it's just I always prefer clear communication. I have never ghosted anyone, I will have the emotionally difficult convo because its the mature way to go about it. Neither have I ever been ghosted, and well never has a man not called me back after a second date. Well, first for everything. :) It's a different experience, and i am appreciative of it. Anyways, I tend to date one guy at a time so by rule, i like to know if someone is interested in getting to know me or not; thus im not wasting time. I wasn't able to guage his interest so after nearly 1.5 week of no communication on his side, I sent him a simple good humoured message. General statement of how i tend to date one guy at a time, I get to know the person, guage the chemistry and interest and clearly his disinterest seemed obvious that i'd like to wish him all the best and hope he finds what he was looking. And also in future to not disappear but have a quick conversation with the person just out of respect for yourself and another. Then I bade him farewell.. lol..

I'm not hurt by it or resentful, but i just cannot understand how adults are so incapable of honest conversations. I would not have been offended if someone changed there minds after two dates. I've done that with others and been extremely respectful about it. Plus as adults we need to be able to handle criticism and disappointments.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you guys just ignore the person entirely as well or confront the person?


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