At what point have you decided to entirely give up altogether on Dating?

If you had made up your mind about calling it quits and throwing in the towel whether with or without previously trying to actually go on dates with anyone then what are your reasons? Anyone undecided? But may have considered giving up on dating entirely?

Some people will laugh at us or think and call our reasons are all just a bunch of excuses blah blah. But so what even if they are excuses? Don't people have and make excuses all the time for pretty much everything?

Anyways, I figured maybe it's just really not worth my time, effort and energy anymore since I do not really feel committed wholeheartedly on it, as well as psychological issues that I have. And I have enough of other problems and serious matters to keep me occupied enough that I won't really even have the time to put in the effort into actually dating anyone.


I think once people have given up or had been single long enough then they just pretty much can't really get the motivation to really try or really do anything about their relationship status anymore.

But I think if that's the case, then we singles forever by choice/singles for life by choice should always try to focus our energy and time on everything else but relationships and dating.

I still don't believe in love, or that they say love will find you when you lease expect it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ha I get rejected by everyone so I'm calling it quits pretty soon

    • Did they ever make it clear to you why they reject you or do they just simply ignore you?

      Perhaps they are already taken and in a relationship and they feel they are happy enough with it?

      Or it may be that they are not willing to take any chances with anyone else despite they may in actually be not really happy about their current relationship?

Most Helpful Guy

  • i was about 24-25 when i gave up on women being how i was raised to believe they were.

    • So it's been like 5 years since you called it quits then? Did you ever actually dated before, although it did not end up in a serious relationship?

      What exactly were you raised to believe in what they were?

      It does not necessarily mean that what you were raised to believe in is absolutely true.

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  • I agree with you wholeheartedly and i Will preach for that choir.

    • I guess you tried tons of times in the past it just never really worked out either. If that is the case, that's credible evidence to prove that it just never really always work out. If you never tried at all before, then you are probably too occupied with other more important matters like work, school, etc.

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd give up but I haven't even started in the first place. A pre-emptive giving up, I suppose.

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