Was this a date or a hangout?

Me and this guy went out, the first time we met we went into a reasturant and had dinner and I offered to pay because I thought it was a hangout but he said no and paid. Then the second time which was today we went on a walk then went to Tim hortons, he asked me what I wanted and I told him what I wanted and I took out my wallet to pay and he refused to let me pay and paied for it and we sat there and talked for a while and also ate. i wasn't sure if he's just being nice. What does this mean? Are me and him just friends? Was this a date or a hangout? And what should I do?

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  • I don't think that was a date, more of a hang out, but for sure he likes you. This is more of a pre-date thing.

  • I NEVER pay for female friends. If he does maybe he's just extremely nice

  • He likes you, he wouldn't do all that just to be nice. No one is that nice lol

  • Just wait. :)

  • If it's a guy, and it's a friend, then, isn't he your boyfriend?

    • Well I don't know, how do you know when someone's your boyfriend?

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    • Not really...

    • I mean, he's a boy, and he's your friend, so, wouldn't that make him your "boyfriend"?

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